Batch of chickpeas – four meals

Using a can of organic chickpeas is a quick way to get great food.   Yet using dried chickpeas is cheaper and in my humble opinion tastier.   The key is to soak overnight.

Step one:  Soak chickpeas.  I use a quart mason jar.  Fill the jar half full of dried chickpeas and add water to the top.   Cover.  In 8 to 12 hours,  the dried chickpeas will expand to fill the entire jar.   Drain water and rinse chickpeas.

Step two: Boil chickpeas.   There are many ways to do this and it is important to have beans well done.  I boiled for 20 to 30 minutes and then put in my “Wonderbag” for eight hours.  You can use a crockpot.    I have not tried the version where the beans are left on the stove for hours.

Meals with chickpeas:

Meal One:  Add chickpeas to lettuce salad

Meal Two:  Add chickpeas with cucumbers, onion and mint  for a quick salad

Meal Three: make vegan chickpea soup.  Saute onions & garlic & veggies in olive oil, add broth and then add chickpeas

Meal four:  Saute fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & onion in oil add chickpeas serve over pasta.

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