Farmers Market cold veggies soup

Before going to the Minneapolis Farmers Market, I checked out the Gazpacho soup recipe in the Moosewood cookbook. From my home garden – I had fresh parsley and Thai peppers. The recipe called for Tabasco instead I used the Thai peppers which I diced very small. I mixed in with one clove of garlic, lime and lemon juice. This base was refrigerated for hours before use.

green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, basil in big bowl, second bowl has spicy Thai peppers, parsley and lemon/lime juice and a tomato juice
Blending soup. Able to adjust spice level

$5 dollars of local black beans becomes 5 days of eating

Nachos – chips topped with beans, purple onions, jalapeños, tomatoes and cheese
Beans salad – marinated in oil & vinegar – corn, tomatoes and greens from garden
Made vegan stew – sauté onions, garlic, Thai peppers (from last year’s garden and frozen) in oil. Added finely diced potatoes, carrot, cauliflower and broth. This time I used liquid of salsa and V 8 juice. Added left over chicken in one batch. Note still have left over beans.
With left over beans in refrigerator can make burritos in 5 minutes. Gather greens from yard first

Clean Janes (vegan sloppy joes)

Lunch experiment also a success! Rich flavor, satisfying and meatless sloppy joe

This morning I put 1/3 cup black beluga lentils with a 1/3 cup orzo, 1 finely chopped carrot, 1 large garlic and some vegan bouillon in water, brought to a boil and low heat for about 30 minutes

For breakfast- pancake like patty. For lunch – vegan sloppy joes. So good I took what I put in freezer out so we could have more. Simply sauté cooked lentils/orzo/carrot/garlic mixture in garlic olive oil until browned and then add barbecue sauce

Fiddleheads & mushrooms

Ferns are perfect for shady areas. Once a year, we gather the tops of the fern – the fiddleheads. Rinse and sauté. If want add some mushrooms